What We Do?

Uniting Garden Homes Inc. is a neighborhood organization that support residents and stakeholders in creating prosperous community.

Through relationships, partnerships and collaborations we help people learn the importance of a healthy community where people area proud to be engaged in the community events and activities.  

Our Beautification Program have development two community and work with two other partners for residents to be engaged in learning and growing their own food.  The program future will include weekly classes that will include: Gardening lessons, Yoga, and Zumba.  

The Beautification Program hires youth and adults to assist with Housing Beautification as artist designers and landscapers.  The artist will create artistic design on blighted homes in the neighborhood. They also install plants and stubs as our effort to beautify the neighborhood.  If residents or businesses are looking for help in Beautification Program, please don’t hesitate to contact us. For more info: Contact Uniting Garden.Homes Inc.  

Our Community Safety Program have established a partnership with Office of Violence Prevention to implement a multi-disciplinary approach around Cure Violence model called 414Life.  This public health program approach argues that interpersonal violence can be prevented, and antisocial behaviors can be unlearned by using holistic disease-controlled methods to help cease this problem.  This approach emphasizes the prevention of violence through a three-prong approach. 

  1. Identification and detection
  2. Interruption, Intervention and Risk Reduction
  3. Changing Behaviors and Norms.  

The program is carried out by a team of 10 individuals who has been trained in the model to assist and enhance safety in our community.  For more info on 414 Life Violence Prevention Program: Contact Uniting Garden Homes Inc.